Suzuki Marine boosts user convenience and ownership ease by introducing automotive-style keyless starting to boaters with single or multiple Suzuki outboard motors. The heart of this system is Suzuki’s new wireless key fob which is; lightweight, waterproof and even floats if it’s dropped in water.

High security

The Suzuki Keyless Start System features an immobilizer function for added peace of mind. IC access codes installed in the key fob and engine must match for the engine to start, preventing any wrong key from starting the engine. It also means the engine will not start on any other boat, discouraging theft of the engine as well. Also in case of an emergency, users can start the engine by directly inputting the passcode into SMG4 or SMD.

Floating waterproof fobs

The key fob is easy to carry and one is all you need to enjoy stress-free starts for greater boating pleasure. It is also waterproof and floats in case it accidentally falls into the water.

Push-button start

Suzuki’s new integrated push-button starting makes boating a breeze. New panel design in sleek black. Addition of Horizontal-type and Separate-type panels. One push of the integrated control box button will start your engines in order from port to starboard. One push will also stop them all simultaneously.

Choose FROM two to six fobs

Two key fobs are included as standard per system. Dealers can program up to 4 additional fobs to allow multiple users (total 6 fobs per boat). The system requires no mechanical key, so the key fob can remain safely in your pocket.

How does the suzuki keyless start system work?